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Old news but I did manage to pass the G.E.D. test. I did ok on most of it except the writing part. I was only really worried about that section of the test. I would have liked to did a little better on the parts. Not really anything else new going on. Currently thinking about continuing going go to school. Need to make up my mind what I would like to be doing.

My broken computer is almost fixed. I ordered a power supply from NewEgg.com and installed it yesterday. Seems to be working alright I just need to get more RAM. One the sticks of RAM went bad so it’s running slower than it used to.

Return to School

Took some test last week and this week I started classes. I will be in school Monday –  Friday from 9am to 1pm feels weird being back in after all this time of not being in school. Looks like and need to work on my math its been so long I forgot things I used to know. Still need to find a job not looking forward to that since I want to stay in school. Doing both won’t leave much  free time for other things.


Looks like might be going back to school soon finally. I go to orientation for my G.E.D. April 6th. It’s long over do can’t believe are all these years going to try. Hope in the end I get my G.E.D. and even go back to school for something else not sure what yet. Wish I could speed things up tho or wouldn’t have waited so long.

Hello world! first post :p

Life right now seems be on pause for me. I am current looking for a job. Not having money really sucks right now. I am thinking of trying to get my G.E.D. this spring or summer but I would really like find work. Not many jobs right now hope I find one soon. I have started working on my other site.  Ikoraiza.com .