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My Cloud Mirror replacement for My Cloud.

So far all my problems with the My Cloud seem better now. I no longer have the the single bay model. Both have the cons and pros but the dashboard works much better now. No more crawling slow dash that takes forever to load if you want to make any changes or check something. I do miss the option to change things the forums had many different things you could add or change that on the My Cloud Mirror doesn’t. You can add apps on the Mirror but not many are officially and I see none in the forum like the single bay version.

What sucks about Time Warner

Every year the bill goes up its crazy. My speed is no faster its even slower then when I first got it. First signed up bill was 24.99$ plus I think a modem rental fee. Jumped to $29.99 so stop renting the modem and just buy one doesn’t help much cause price was increased again to 34.99 and then 37.99 now this month its up to 44.99. That’s the same price as they offer right now for the faster speed package. You shouldn’t need to remember to call ever year and try and talk them down in price. Verizon DSL might have sucked when it comes to speed but it was alot more stable for the most part and its price wasn’t always being jacked up. You would think Since I have owned a modem for awhile that I would be paying less. Whats funny is the 44.99 still says promotional price.

WDMyCloud firmware v04.01.00-408

Nothing but problems since update the firmware. Dashboard would not even load 99.99% till I reset it. Now the dashboard is still extremely slow. Lots of errors about network connection when using the dashboard. Only thing that seems to work ok is the network shares that are already set up. SSH into it is slow and unreliable. I hope there is a update to fix all the problems soon.

Unable to retrieve data. Make sure there are no network connectivity issues and try again. (200005)

What will be down next today?

Went to check order status on Best buys website and it was down. Not long after Time Warner internet goes down for couple hours. My internet was finally working so I go to check my Netflix queue and what do I see?

We’re currently experiencing a technical issue.

While we get things back to normal, some features aren’t available – but you can play select titles on this page.

Netflix very long wait.

What is going on with Netflix lately? Every movie is now marked very long wait in my queue and seems to be getting worse. I used to be able get new movies when they came out or around that time. Now that never happens even older movies are marked very long wait.

One week later.

Still not able to use xbox live gold codes and transfer to yet another person. It took almost a week just for the person to understand that I couldn’t use a code and to transfer me to another person. I have been trying to swap gamertags now for 1 month 1 week. Hope I never need to do anything like this again.

Account now swapped

Now able to use the right email to log into my gamertag. Things still are not a 100% right. I am unable to redeem Gold codes also I don’t think my rewards account is linked to my account right now hoping they will fix both issues. It’s nice to now have all my Microsoft stuff linked together instead of being split up.

Will I ever be able to swap my gamertag

Email from Microsoft saying this

The Microsoft account does not have a gamertag associated with it and you will not be able to use this account in the swap process because it already has a billing profile associated with it.
Can’t see why its so hard to do this. I did something like it with a yahoo and flickr account to few minutes.

Why is it so hard to swap Xbox gamertags?

I have been want to change swap for them for awhile but looking at the support page its a long process involving making a third Microsoft account. Why can you not just log in from the computer,360 or Xbox One and get a option to log in to both accounts and confirm you want to swap the Microsoft accounts linked to them? This is Microsoft’s way of doing it I have run into problems at ever step it seems started to try this last month of the 19th.

Before you can switch your gamertag in this case, you must first remove the existing gamertag from the Microsoft account you want to use. Here’s how:

  1. Consider the following scenario:
    • Gamertag A is linked to Microsoft account 1.
    • Gamertag B is linked to Microsoft account 2.

    In this scenario, your gamertag is Gamertag B, and you want to move it to Microsoft account 1.

  2. At, create a new Microsoft account. You’ll only need this account as a temporary means of moving your gamertags. 
    • Gamertag A is linked to Microsoft account 1.
    • Gamertag B is linked to Microsoft account 2.
    • Microsoft account 3 is free.
  3. Switch the gamertag that’s linked to the Microsoft account you want to use to the Microsoft account that you created in Step 3. 
    • Microsoft account 1 is now free.
    • Gamertag B remains linked to Microsoft account 2.
    • Gamertag A is now linked to Microsoft account 3.
  4. Switch your gamertag to the Microsoft account that you want to use. 
    • Gamertag B is now linked to Microsoft account 1.
    • Microsoft account 2 is now free.
    • Gamertag A remains linked to Microsoft account 3.
  5. To complete the switch of gamertags between the two original Microsoft accounts, you must wait 30 days. After 30 days, switch Gamertag A from Microsoft account 3 to Microsoft account 2.
    • Gamertag B remains linked to Microsoft account 1.
    • Gamertag A is now linked to Microsoft account 2.
    • Microsoft account 3 is now free.
  6. Cancel the Microsoft account that you created in step 2. 
    • Gamertag B is now linked to Microsoft account 1.
    • Gamertag A remains linked to Microsoft account 3.
    • Microsoft account 3 is cancelled.
  • When you change to a new Microsoft account, the current funds in your original Microsoft account do not transfer to your new Microsoft account.
  • You can move a gamertag to a different Microsoft account only once every 30 days.
    • This includes new gamertags downloaded from Xbox Live.
    • If you try to move a gamertag before 30 days have passed since the last time you moved it, you’ll get the following error message:

      Sorry, we can’t change your Microsoft account right now.

  • To change the Microsoft account associated with a child account, you must provide the Microsoft account information for the adult account that has parental control.

You can choose to require input of your Microsoft account password to sign in to Xbox Live. For more information on how to do this, see Password protect your Xbox Live profile.

Following the first part I make a Microsoft account. I then try and Move GamertagA over to the new account. I then get a error that says go to just leads me to the same support page I was at.  Call up Xbox support and the person was nice about it but unable to figure out why I can’t swap. I think the reason was they have a 30 day wait after downloading a profile to the 360. So I waited on my own for 30 days.  Solved the problem I am now able to move GamertagA  to the new account. You would think that would free up that Microsoft account right? Wrong no seems to be a waiting period for that since my GamertagA is now linked to both MicrosoftAccount1 and MicrosoftAccount3. Call up find out why I can’t move GamertagB to the first Microsoft account and they just say the system is confused or something doesn’t know that they will escalate it and should get a call in a couple of days. That was another hour on the phone. So a month later I am still trying and I am only on step 3 of 6 or maybe its still step 2 since I moved the account but that didn’t free up my account.  Time for more waiting again thanks Microsoft.

Rocky start to the year.

Looks like the migraine was nothing compared to how I started the year. Felt like I had the flu for almost week and wouldn’t go away so went to the ER and they gave me fluids I was very dehydrated. They kept me for a few days. I found out I have type 2 diabetes. Not happy about that more reason to lose weight. I have lost some since being sick not how I wanted to lose weight. I am going to start trying to use my treadmill every day. I am not sure how much weight I have lost so far. I have lost enough that people can notice. I haven’t really kept track in a long time so it could be more the weight lose then it seems. Worried I will have lots medical bills. Someone is working to get me assistance with bills.

Windows 8 Volume controls not working on keyboard

Why is this set to manual by default? I was wondering why my volume controls only worked when the keyboard is first plugged in and stopped working after shutdown/reboots

My keyboard volume controls suddenly stopped working

If the volume controls on your keyboard stops working, check the Human Interface Device Access service on your computer to make sure it is set to Automatic.

  1. In the Start menu, type View local services.
  2. From the Search Results list, select View local services.
  3. In the Services dialog box, locate Human Interface Device Access. Make sure the status is set to “Started.” If it is not started, click Start the service.
  4. Right-click Human Interface Device Access and select Properties.
  5. On the General tab, in the Startup type, select Automatic, and then click OK.

Data usage error?

What is going on here? I noticed my data for march is over double so I checked and in one hour shows I used 274 GB. That’s more than I normally use in a month good thing I have no cap.

Hourly view for Friday March 29, 2013

Total usage for this timeframe is 282 GB*

Roll over hour to see usage