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My Cloud Mirror replacement for My Cloud.

So far all my problems with the My Cloud seem better now. I no longer have the the single bay model. Both have the cons and pros but the dashboard works much better now. No more crawling slow dash that takes forever to load if you want to make any changes or check something. I do miss the option to change things the forums had many different things you could add or change that on the My Cloud Mirror doesn’t. You can add apps on the Mirror but not many are officially and I see none in the forum like the single bay version.

What sucks about Time Warner

Every year the bill goes up its crazy. My speed is no faster its even slower then when I first got it. First signed up bill was 24.99$ plus I think a modem rental fee. Jumped to $29.99 so stop renting the modem and just buy one doesn’t help much cause price was increased again to 34.99 and then 37.99 now this month its up to 44.99. That’s the same price as they offer right now for the faster speed package. You shouldn’t need to remember to call ever year and try and talk them down in price. Verizon DSL might have sucked when it comes to speed but it was alot more stable for the most part and its price wasn’t always being jacked up. You would think Since I have owned a modem for awhile that I would be paying less. Whats funny is the 44.99 still says promotional price.

WDMyCloud firmware v04.01.00-408

Nothing but problems since update the firmware. Dashboard would not even load 99.99% till I reset it. Now the dashboard is still extremely slow. Lots of errors about network connection when using the dashboard. Only thing that seems to work ok is the network shares that are already set up. SSH into it is slow and unreliable. I hope there is a update to fix all the problems soon.

Unable to retrieve data. Make sure there are no network connectivity issues and try again. (200005)

What will be down next today?

Went to check order status on Best buys website and it was down. Not long after Time Warner internet goes down for couple hours. My internet was finally working so I go to check my Netflix queue and what do I see?

We’re currently experiencing a technical issue.

While we get things back to normal, some features aren’t available – but you can play select titles on this page.